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Gina Lobito is the creator of Soul Inspired Reflections which offers Bodywork, Coaching & Workshops to support clients navigate Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with a focus on Self Mastery.

“During my 14 ½ year career in Law Enforcement, I witnessed this interesting evolution. New hires would go from excitement and openness to loss of compassion and a hardened exterior. I also witnessed myself do this same transformation. It did not feel good in my body and being. I remember saying to myself, I do not want to lose compassion for life!”

Wow! What a VOW I just made to bring Compassion to my world.

Little did I know this VOW would be a choice point in my life that activated and unseen spark within my heart, which now I would describe is my SOUL’S calling. So, my heart leading the way, I stepped on to a Path of Self Mastery. This calling has evolved to support other souls develop lifelong Foundational Skills to navigate the Awakening Process.

While every soul, in its divine time, will be on a Path of Ascension, awakening to this path cannot be forced. Every soul will go through an Awakening Process; however, the experience of the Awakening Process is unique to each soul and is an infinite evolution.”

This VOW of COMPASSION began my journey of self-care and wellness. I now realize was the beginning of opening my HEART and SOUL that transformed the way I live my life.

Self-Mastery is an infinite continuum of soul evolution, heart opening and becoming aware you are a part of with the whole of life and directly connected to the universe and source of light. Wherein the expansion of the Heart bridges the Mystical and Physical worlds, using the physical body as conduit to support the ascension of the planet and universe through the Soul’s inner journey of Ascension and Self Mastery.

I believe every SOUL has a unique sound and purpose waiting to be discovered and can develop the skills to ground, integrate and embody new energies of the SOUL into the physical body.

I am a Certified Bodyworker, Advanced Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, and Nature Connected Life Coach, Advanced Student of Self Mastery.

I studied with Diamond Light School of Massage Healing Arts; San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork; The Power Path ( Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Program), Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; Seven Sacred Flames Wisdom School (Advanced Studies in Self Mastery); Earth Based Institute, and Amanda Ellis’ Angelic Celestial Colors Metatron Healing Level I.

Body and Ascension

Energetic Perspective

The foundation of my offerings is rooted in natural cycles and patterns from an energetic perspective in relationship  to the Body and Ascension.

Everything is energy, vibration and frequency, even thoughts. First comes Energy then matter.  

Perceptions shape reality, impact wellness, and run, energetically through the Nervous System and Chakra System which runs the physical body. Now imagine the potential you have to transform your life when you learn to MANAGE YOUR ENERGY (prana/life force).

Now imagine your potential as you become comfortable leading life from  infinite Power of your SOUL and HEART?

The purpose of my offerings is to support you navigate your soul growth and master the wisdom of your body, and build foundational skills to be in harmony and flow with your present state of transformation. Allowing this natural process to occur.

While I cannot do the transformational work for you, I guide you back to the body, soul and heart while you feel your way through your experiences and discover your own answers.

Every soul will Ascend and go through a Spiritual Awakening in its own divine time. The experience of awakening is unique to each soul and is an EXPERIENTIAL PROCESS.

All living beings on the planet are evolving at an accelerated rate and are going through an awakening process and heart opening moving from a 3-D consciousness to a 5-D+ consciousness.

You may be feeling the shifts and changes of Ascension. Some symptoms are headaches, tones/ringing in the ear, anxiety/trauma, sensitivity, sense of loss of time, spirts of energy and/or tiredness, just to name a few.  It can be unsettling, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

For the past decade, I have consciously been a student of the Ancestral Healing, Ascension Process and Self Mastery, which is one of many spiritual paths a soul may choose to  Ascend. 

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need to be on a path of Self Mastery to evolve and work with me?” The answer is, “No.”

If you have read this far, your SOUL is ready and willing to step further into your growth and develop and trust your intuition. There are steps and, no shortcuts to the ascension process. You can make it easier by learning to be in flow with this natural process.

My offerings assist you in Creating grounding practices and recognizing what’s occurring in your body to support you to return to a state of cognition, equilibrium and self empowerment.

I assist you in creating your “spiritual toolbox”, trust, access your inner wisdom and integrate the energies of your Higher Self.

“Trust Paves the Way for Transformation” 

-Gina Lobito-