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Soul Inspired

Gina Lobito has a passion to be in service for the well-being of others. 

Gina is no stranger to the adverse impact of experiencing stress and trauma on her own health Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. 

Gina puts wellness first in order to Restore and Maintain her Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.  

In 2014 she became a Certified Bodyworker, incorporating ancient practices of sound, crystals, energy, massage, color therapy, vibration, breathwork and nature to support the body restore to its natural state of harmony and wellness. 

Previously, Gina has held a various careers in the legal industry as a paralegal for Medical Malpractice Defense Firm, Volunteer Advocate for men and women who were victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Later she took this experience and worked in Law Enforcement for 14 ½ years and continued her passion to be in service. Where she also experienced heightened stress due to the day-to-day nature of law enforcement.

It was through her own wellness journey, Gina created Synergy Bodywork™ blending ancient and modern day practices of sound, massage, vibration and energy to support clients return to wellness and harmony.

Gina studied with Diamond Light School of Massage Healing Arts; San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork; The Power Path School of Shamanism, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; Seven Sacred Flames Wisdom School; Earth Based Institute, and CSU, Fullerton BA in Criminal Justice.

Gina holds the following certifications: Certified Bodyworker, Reiki II, Advanced Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Nature Connected Life Coach, and Advanced Student of Self Mastery, and Metatron  Colour Healing™ II

Gina lives her passion in San Jose, CA .  In her leisure time, she enjoys the beach and local hikes with her dog Gus.

Body and Wellness

Synergy Bodywork™ Perspective

Gina’s approach to bodywork integrates a manual therapy and energy modalities when working with the Electromagnetic Field (EMF), also known as the Auric Field, which exist around the human body. The EMF has many fields which effect the wellness of the human body.

Gina developed Synergy Bodywork™ based on the belief and her own experience the fields of the EMF have a direct relationship to optimal wellness. When one field is impacted it has the potential to influence the other fields. Synergy Bodywork™ uses the breath as a bridge to support the four primary fields align and return to a synergistic state.

Synergy Bodywork™ works with four primary fields: (1) Emotional; (2) Mental, (3) Physical; and (4) Spiritual; in relationship to the physical body while manipulating the soft tissue and skeletal structure. During a session it’s common Gina will guide the client to breath, talk and/or assist in movement of the body. The integration of breath work, talk therapy, and movement assist the body to  relax, release, and restore.

“Trust Paves The Way for Transformation” Gina Lobito