Gina Lobito

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Gina Lobito is the creator of Soul Inspired Reflections which offers Bodywork, Coaching & Workshops to support clients navigate Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with a focus on Self Mastery. “During my 14 ½ year career in Law Enforcement, I witnessed this interesting evolution. New hires would go from excitement and openness to loss of compassion and a hardened exterior. I also witnessed myself do this same transformation. It did not feel good in my body and being. I remember saying to myself, I do not want to lose compassion for life!” Wow! What a VOW I just made to bring Compassion to my world. Little did I know this VOW would be a choice point in my life that activated and unseen spark within my heart, which now I would describe is my SOUL’S calling. So, my heart leading the way, I stepped on to a Path of Self Mastery. This calling has evolved to support other souls develop lifelong Foundational Skills to navigate the Awakening Process.


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