Coffee with St. Joseph

By: Gina Lobito

(4 min read)

Over the years I have become more accustomed to having internal dialogues with Angels, Ascended Masters (like Jesus), my parents who have passed on, including plants, trees and animals. They have all become allies, teachers and mentors in my life. Oftentimes these internal dialogues bring clarity to my life, especially when I am not looking for an answer. I find this is the best way to discover something about myself when I am not seeking it. The growth just happens, like a moment of inspiration!

As my heart continues to open, so does my knowing that I AM connected to all things, even those who have passed on before me. My Ancestors. Their energy and essence still live on and I can ask for mentorship and guidance in my own life or simply just have a conversation. Knowing this, I am no longer lonely, and I am never truly alone while I walk this life.  Even “alone” is an illusion or a stage in the evolution of my soul awakening.

The unseen world of the universe becomes visceral. It is always observing, feeling and engaged with what I think, say, and do. The times when I AM in my stillness, I can feel the pulsations of universal energy within me, because I recognize that I AM no longer separate from it. Never was. I look back on my life and distinctly remember feelings of not belonging, looking up at the sky and telling my sister “I don’t belong here.” She responded in an abrasive tone, “Well where do you want to be? If you don’t belong here you must have an idea of where you belong?” I just responded, “I don’t know. Just not here?” In the same conversation, while listening to her complain, I looked at her and said, “You, know your are master, right?” She looked at me and turned away, I could feel her frustration and she walked away. I feel it’s important to mention she’s seven years older than I am. Also, I am the youngest in my family. For those of you who are the youngest sibling, you may have an understanding of what it’s like for your siblings to rarely take you seriously, even as an adult with life experiences.

I was about 15 or 16 years old at the time. It was not until my 30’s when I realized the power of that question, “Do you know you are a MASTER?” That is when I began my awakening and stepped into my studies of healing and Mastery. Was I already innately aware of this path so many years ago?

As I reflected on remembering this moment, I sat with Patron Saint Joseph. He was  there, in a garden with seating in front of  him. Normally, when I walk this garden I sit with Jesus, but today I wandered to another area of the garden. I noticed the back of his head, and thought, “Oh, that must be Joseph!”

I continued along the curve of the pathway, and saw his profile and noticed that his stature was much larger than Jesus. Just as I was getting ready to enter the circle where he sat, I paused. I noticed a bronze plaque that had writing on it. Curious about what it said, I walked over to it. The plaque confirmed my sense that it was a statue of Patron St. Joseph, father of Jesus.

Placing my hand to my chest, I sighed and exhaled all the air out from my lungs. I was overcome with emotions. I cried. My heart was touched by his presence. That’s when I felt invited to just sit with Joseph. I entered the circle and I sat. My dog Gus, followed me and laid down next to my leg. We just sat there in silence. I was no longer thinking about my question. I was overcome by the presence of Joseph, and the Divine Archetype of a Father he represents. I looked into his eyes, and could feel the warmth, tenderness and strength of his love. All I could do was take in his love, and imagine what it was like to be the father of Jesus (Jeshua Ben Joseph) and mentor him in The Way of a Master and guide Jesus in his studies which lead him to his path of enlightenment.

I cannot help but think about my Path of Mastery and awakening and be grateful to Jesus and all the men and women in his life that supported him, which made Jesus’ Soul Purpose possible. I am reminded he laid the “blueprint” of Master.

The “blueprint” of Mastery resides within all of us. Sometimes we just need a guide and mentor as the soul awakens and remembers what it is to embody Mastery and Enlightenment.

For now, I will leave you with this question: Who are the mentors and teachers in your life that you are grateful for and assisted in paving a way for your own evolution?