“Gina is easy to talk to and has guided me through my emotions. She coaches me in understanding new meanings in my life. She has helped me use the energy of nature to have more self love and acceptance.Gina’s love for Nature and her loving nature has helped me connect better with myself through nature. I truly enjoy my time with Gina.”
Traci C.

“ Spiritual Retreats with Gina on Mt. Shasta were life changing…her powerful shamanic connection to nature and Spirit were awe inspiring…Over the years her coaching sessions have brought clarity to my Life Path.”
Sherry Dobbins

“Gina is a gifted and intuitive coach and healer. Her ability to be fully present during each of our
interactions leaves me feeling safe, seen, and more willing to dive more deeply into my own path with curiosity. I have witnessed Gina utilize gentle guidance, intuitive knowing, and a compassionate and generous heart in both individual and group sessions.
Her work is a gift, and I am thankful she has come into my life!”
Michelle Walsh

“Gina is an incredible intuitive healer and coach. What I love most about healing sessions with Gina is that I do not need to dig for words trying to a explain what is ailing me. I feel like she just gets me and understands what I need in the moment. I leave her space rested, energized, open and in absolute flow again. This sense of alignment usually keeps for several weeks. Her coaching is equally empathetic. She easily picks up on subtleties and carefully high-lights distinctions that help me move forward aimed with better insight and direction. I also had the fortune to experience Gina’s sound baths a few times, which hit the needs of the group every single time.”
Nicole Kleemann

When it comes to working with any form of lightworker or practitioner of the healing arts, I have experienced many.  Yet there are only a few that not only would I hire to offer their services at my Healing center, but personally utilize their skill set.  Gina Lobito is one of those practitioners.

Gina’s techniques are full and well rounded, which is a testament to her dedication and commitment to her studies and building her own unique set of skills based through her calling to serve humanity. Personally, I love the care that Gina puts into her work, paying attention to not only what I have mentioned I feel needs to be “worked on”, joining that with her own intuition and knowing of what would serve my body, my being and ultimately my health.

Gina puts her full self into her work and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to my health and wellbeing.  I love working with her and know I AM in amazing hands during my sessions. -Tracee Rothschild

“I had a massage with Gina…and all I have to say is WOW. I would HIGHLY recommend her. Can’t wait to see her again. Gina tuned into my body before she worked on me. She knew what areas needed attention before I told her. Once she was working on me, she was very tuned into her hand pressure, checking in with me throughout. Gina uses singing bowls as well during her massage. It’s a complete mind, body, spirit experience with Gina!” -Tammy

“I reached out to Gina for a very unique request in my healing journey. The uniqueness I’m speaking to is called remote healing. Due to the nature of my current health concerns, including having surgery and being home to allow for optimal recovery, with my invitation & permission, Gina was able to check-in with my mind,body,soul to assist me in what & where my wellness may have been in the deepest need of attention and re-balancing, from her work space to my home.

As we, as a collective whole, are learning more about energetic flow and of this mind, body, soul approach as a connected way to return to wholeness providing the deepest of healing, I have been so amazed by the spot on accuracy of what has shown up in my physicality (pain, disease), my mind (staying too focused on the workings of the mind/ego) and a reminder to tend to the souls calling (sense of purpose) from her work. I would recommend this type of healing to those that are home bound, or just a little farther away from where she practices her healing work, as a way to return to the self in the healthiest of ways…..” -Stephanie D