I view the Earth Star Chakra as one of the most important Chakras to work with due to it’ significance with Ascension and the Awakening process. It’s located about 12” inches below your feet. When this chakra is activated, it sends a signal to source that this soul is ready to step on the path of Ascension. The Cosmic Heart Chakra begins to expand, and the Stellar Gateway chakra is Activated to support the ascension process allowing higher frequencies of light to “flow” into the energetic body (Chakra System) Below are some key elements of the Earth Star Chakra:

  • Grounds you to the 9th Dimension Lady Gaia Earth Angel
  • Activates Ascension Process
  • 3D Chakras move into the Earth, creating a 7 rung ladder
  • Symbol is a Yin/Yang (Balance of feminine and masculine energies)
  • Color Begins as Black/White, evolves to Gray, then to Silver
  • Aids in Spiritual Growth & Psychic Awareness.
  • Life Purpose is held within this chakra
  • Planetary Purpose is held here.
  • Light Codes to awaken 5D Blue Print for Life
  • Builds your Spiritual Found and physical foundation
  • Anchors 5D energies into Physical body
  • Connects to 7th Dimensional Hallow Earth, Pyramid
  • Kundalini of the Planet
  • Archangel Sandalpon holds Divine Feminine Energy

Here is a simple exercise to begin your Connect with the Earth Star Chakra:

  • Place your hand over your heart, breathe and feel your heart open, set an intention to connect with Earth and Lady Gaia, Acknowledge her presence
  • Walk, barefoot, feel the grass, nature under your feet
  • Expand your Connection to Nature
  • Walk on the Earth with the awareness it’s a two way connection
  • Visualize silver cord, down into the earth.
  • Take your time Connecting and awakening to her energy
  • Allow your Heart to Connect with Lady Gaia and Heart of the Earth
  • Simply feel, listen…
  • Become one with her breath and heart beat

This takes practice, be patient and fun while you connect with the Earth Mother.