Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is known as the Seat of the Soul due to its direct connection to the Soul Star Chakra located above the crown. As one begins to step on to their Ascension Path, connecting more fully to energies of the Universe and Earth energies, the Base Chakra will go through its clearing to receive higher frequency of energies from the Earth and Universe.

Base Chakra holds the information of Tribal, Community, Beliefs and Feelings of Support, Trust and Survival. This is where one develops what it means to be supported, feelings of safety, trust. This development influences self-confidence and self-esteem, and self-worth.

Past lives, parenting style, and environment set the imprint and development of the ability for you to parent your own inner child as well as parenting your own children. The Base Chakra is Foundational.

As one is ascending and clearing the base charka you are learning to parent your inner child on your own with a balanced Masculine and Feminine energies which reside within you. As you feel Safe and Secure you begin to move into Self Mastery and raise the frequency from 3D to 5D or higher aspects.

The BASE CHARKA assist in clearing the emotional body (feminine energy) and mental body (masculine energy). As evolve in the Base the Charka, you will feel it’s influence in the evolution of the Sacral, Naval and Solar Plexus Charkas. Remember this work as a unit to navigate and perceive the physical plane of Earthly experiences from a higher perspective.

Below are some Elements Base Chakra. As you strengthen your Base charka it enables you to step further into Self Mastery and Enlightenment.

3D Qualities:

  • Color Red
  • Seeing externally down to the ground for support, safety, security, survival, other people to support you, external seeking for safety
  • Out of Balance spinning to Fast, experience energy of Anxiety
  • Out of Balance spinning to slow, experience of Depression
  • Kundalini Energy can become Stuck

5D Frequency Qualities

  • Color Platinum
  • Balance of Masculine Energies (mental body)/Feminine Energies (Emotinal Body) (yin/yang)
  • Move into Self Mastery
  • Feeling of Security and Safety at all times
  • Trust in Universe and connect to universal and earth energies
  • Connecting to the Heart of Lady Gaia
  • Receiving Earth Energy into your body
  • Connecting to Feet Chakras
  • Merging high frequency spiritual light into the Base coming down through the merging Soul Star charka and Stellar Gateway
  • Kundilini energy is strong, and takes energy into the Soul Star

Questions to ask yourself to gain a picture of where you may be with the energies of your Base Charka:

  • How does your family, friends and communities you are a part of support you?
  • How do your hobbies support you?
  • Food, are you eating nourishing foods to support balance your base chakra
  • Are you exercising and connecting with nature?
  • Do you have the ability to tend to Earthly matters? (Do you panic and put things off or do you handle and deal with the earthly matters head on with confidence and wisdom?)
  • How do you speak to yourself? (angry, speak down on yourself or you positive and supportive, encouraging, and nourishing?)

Ground the Base by creating supportive environments, nature connection, and bringing into balance your mental body and emotional body. As Base charka frequencies raise it will support your ability to merge with your I AM Presence and walk a Path of Self Mastery and Enlightenment.

Arch Angels(AA) to assist you with clearing the energies of the Base Charka:

  • AA Gabriel
  • AA Hope

As you fully trust the universe it will support you on the path of Self Mastery attract toward you what you need for your highest good for ascension.

“Trust Paves the Way to Transformation”

-Gina Lobito-