Sacral chakra

I feel it’s important to note as I describe the qualities of the Chakra System, I will also bring in intuitive guidance and perspective to the power of these energy centers as my own relationship and wisdom to the chakra system is expanding.

As these energy centers are expanding they bring new wisdom. Each soul has access to higher frequencies of ENERGY CODES (information) when you are ready to access them. Like anything, when you access new information, one must be willing to let go of the old programing and hold the experiences in a NEW LIGHT and HIGHER PERSPECTIVE to bring forth the next level of WISDOM.

SACRAL CHAKRA, one must be willing to have a new relationship and perspective when it comes to RELATIONSHIP, SEXUALITY, CO-CREATING, POWER, CONTROL, LOVE, REPRODUCTION OF LIFE, and CREATION, to Transcend the Physical Desire of sensation of the body, material world and survival as it relates to stepping onto your the ASCENSION PATH

These new codes are paving the way to support you learn Self Love and ability to nurture yourself emotionally. Essentially, to return to a state of HARMONY of masculine and feminine energies and TRANSCENDENT LOVE and ONENESS. The ability to Love yourself and others. This requires you to be willing to go inward and discover the deeper or root cause of the way you engage in personal relationships to give and receive love.

Bring in the HEART energy and HIGHER SELF into the Sacral will assist in raising the vibration of the charka as you learn to navigate this emotional center.  Expanding your Third Eye center will assist with bringing in clarity and clear vision as you work with the Sacral.

Everything in life is a relationship and is energy. When you change your perspective (thoughts, feelings, everything else will take on a form in your life in accordance with thoughts. Continue to call in your Higher Aspect and wisdom to support your involution and evolution. This is an organic and experiential and natural process. I believe this applies to your relationship to work, food, objects, nature, and experiences etc.)

Sacral Chakra is encapsulated along with the Naval Chakra by the 33rd Chakra Christ Consciousness Chakra. The Sacral is where you learn to master your Clairsentience (feeling others emotions without taking it into your body). It’s important to remember this system is infinite and evolves as humans evolve in relation to their soul and higher self-alignment.

Below are some of the qualities of the Sacral Chakra:

3D Qualities:

  • Chakra of Clairsentience (Highly Emotional – Feelings, taking on the emotions of others
  • control, abuse of power, Self and physical sensation
  • sociability & friendliness
  • Emotional and Sexual, expression
  • Sexuality, Sexual Expression
  • Linked to collective unconscious beliefs
  • Associated to sexual organs and Kidneys, filtration of blood, transform waste into urine

5D Qualities

  • Color – Pinkish-Orange (higher frequency it can turn to magenta)
  • Supports Soul Alignment
  • Clairsentience (1 of 4 psychic abilities to draw in others emotional pain and other problems into the body to be transmuted
  • Transmute and transfigure the emotional energy of others and your own into a higher form of light, NO Longer Taking on others pain. (Transmutation is a foundational skill to develop).
  • Co-creation, creativity
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy, l
  • 4D quality Love of Self and others moves you toward 5D Transcendent Love
  • Transcendent Love
  • Sexuality, Sexual Expression
  • Embodying Divine Feminine (this energy also is embodied in men)
  • Highest Aspect, Divine Feminine Energies, color changes to magenta (I AM DIVINE FEMININE), opens when you feel true ONENESS with ALL THAT IS (Plants, mineral kingdom, brotherhood/sisterhood of humanity.
  • Activates when you are ready to activate the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and generosity into your life.
  • Associated Planet Sirius – Highest aspect is Spiritual Discipline.
  • Fulfill Divine Potential
  • Associated to sexual organs and kidneys, filtration of blood, transforms waste into urine


  • Begin by Placing your hand over your heart, breathe and feel your heart open, allow yourself and body to soften,
  • Visualize energy coming up through your feet and EARTH Star Chakra to Ground with the breath
  • Visualize energy coming in through the Crown of your head, coming from the Stellar Gateway charka located about 12 inches above your head, continue to breath into your HEART, allowing the breath to unite these energies within the cadence of your breath
  • Once you feel your heart energy open, set the intention and purpose to connect with your SACRAL CHARKRA ENERGY CENTER, you may begin to feel energy movement in this area, if not, do not worry. Trust the energy is still moving and being activated

(It’s Common To Feel Tingling, Change Of Temperature, And Sensations In And Around Your Body As You Regularly Practice Connecting.)

  • VISUALIZE your HEART ENERGY move into the SACRAL CHAKRA, simply continue to breathe, and Call In your Higher Self, also known as your I AM Presence
  • Allow the breath and energy to expand around your sexual organs, hips, and upper thighs, visualize a sphere of energy expanding in and around this entire area of your physical body (360 degrees around this area of your body).
  • Call in the Violet Fire to assist you transmute and transfigure any energies that are no longer in resonance with Frequency of Love 5D and above.
  • There is no need to effort in this process. Simply BREATHE and ALLOW the Violet Fire to assist and clear any mis-qualified energy and experiences that no longer serve your highest good.
  • Say out loud or to yourself “I REALEASE ALL ENERGIES AND EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE BEEN MISQUALIFIED or ABUSED be released from Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical body right now.” Say this 3x or until you feel the clearing is complete for you.
  • Once you feel you have cleared, Call in the highest form of White crystalline light of purity to assist in purifying the energy, and visualize golden white light come into the energy center, continue to simply breathe allowing this energy to fill your body and sacral area.
  • Trust you will receive the exact amount of Light that will match your body for it’s highest good in this moment.
  • Once you feel complete, gentle move your body and come back into the physical space you are in.
  • You may like to go for a walk outside or spend some time in nature to integrate.

You may revisit this meditation at any time you fill called to do so. Take some time after you meditate, if you wish, and journal and take notice of what you observed for yourself.

You may also wish to go out for a light walk outside and connect to nature to assist you integrate these new energies.

“Trust Paves the way to Transformation”

Gina Lobito